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READ: Giveaway Rules

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READ: Giveaway Rules

Post by Seasonal on Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:23 pm

Kinz Home Giveaway Rules

Any member can create a giveaway. Please keep in mind that once you start your giveaway you are expected to follow through with it and reward all prizes promised. If for some reason you can no longer continue your giveaway please PM a Mod or Admin. Thank You

1. Your giveaway must have the end date and time in the title.

2. The rules and prizes must be in the first post of your thread. Mystery prize giveaways are allowed but the prizes must be approved by a Mod or Admin first.

3. Prizes must be sent ONE WEEK after the giveaway ends!

4. You may only have up to 1 contests and 1 giveaway running at any time.

5. Each giveaway will last from 1 day to one week, any longer then that and it must be approved by a moderator before posted.

6. You MUST announce the winners of your giveaway within 3 days after it has ended. Please choose the winners based off of their entry and not your friendship.

7. If there is a minimum or maximum number of entrants it must be stated in the first post.

8. There are to be NO webkinz code prizes, this is a big no no and may result in an infraction. Webkinz items and codes that are to be entered into the code shop are fine.

9. Raffles of any kind are not allowed.

10. Reputation points can not be rewarded as a prize.

If you have any questions regarding the giveaway rules please PM either myself or another staff member.

Failure to follow these rules may result in an infraction or a ban from the contest section.

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